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Enjoy The Sunrise From Bromo Mountain

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

Indonesia has a lot of beautiful mountains, and one of the most popular in Indonesia is Bromo Mountain. The beauty of scenery Bromo Mountain became attractiveness its own self. No wonder many people willing to come to see this wonderful place. According to the visitors' report, there are around 2.000 - 5.000 visitors on weekdays and around 10.000 - 15.000 on weekend.

But what happened in July 2017, people were surprised when they are knowing the sea of the sand around Bromo was covered by snows due to the weather became extreme under 0 (zero) degree. The snows can be seen by people very clearly.

Knowing this matter, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Manager doing some actions. And they also limit the tourists for safety and comfort reason. This policy has been announced to public and will be started in 2018. So the tourists will be only 5.000 visitors per day.

Bromo Mountain is one of the volcano which has a height 2.329 meters and part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

Local people believed that Bromo is a holy mountain, that's why they called Bromo, taken from "Brahma", one of the God for Hindu People, "Creator God".

Bromo Mountain is part of four regencies, that is Probolinggo, Malang, Lumajang and Pasuruan in East Java. You can reach Bromo with easily, because signs can be seen in every track to the area, so that you will never lost.

Mostly visitors can reach Bromo through the first gate from Probolinggo Recegency, located in Wonotoro Village, Jetak Village and Cemoro Lawang Village in Ngadisari District. The visitors who come from West, such as Jakarta, Jogjakarya and Surabaya also through this gate, due to this area has complete facilities such as hotel, lodging, home stay, food and beverage shop, jeep rental and also tour and travel agent. You need about 12 hours trip from Surabaya to enjoy the sunrise in Bromo.

Bromo has a completely wonderful sunrise, no wonder Bromo was called "The Famous Sunrise"and willing people to visit from all over the world.

The most appropriate time to see the sunrise is begin from 12.00am, which is you can arrive in location around 02.00 - 03.00am. You can take a rest for couple minutes and prepare your climbing equipment such as a camera.

Now you can start to climb the stairs (about 250) and through the Mandara Giri Temple, which is usually use for Kasada Ceremony by local people.

Kasada Ceremony In Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

From the top of Bromo, you can enjoy the sunrise. It's completely awesome! And do not forget for taking pictures guys.

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

Bromo Mountain - Blog Mas Hendra

After see the sunrise, you can enjoy the scenery of Lautan Pasir (The sea of the sand) until 09.00am with Bromo Mountain as a background.

The Sea of Sand In Bromo Tengger Semeru - Blog Mas Hendra

Not only sunrise become a charm of Bromo Mountain, but also numbers of other charms :
1. Friendly Tengger People
Tengger Tribe was a local people around the Bromo known very friendly, warm and easy to smile to everyone. They will not hesitate to give you a help.

2. Easy acces and cheap transportation
You can reach Bromo with easily by using your own vehicle or public transportation such as bus with affordable ticket.

3. Adequate facilities
You can find complete facilities, such as food and beverage shops, horse and jeep rental, lodging, home stay and many more.


1. Penanjakan 1
Penanjakan Bromo 1 - Blog Mas Hendra

Penanjakan is the highest place in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Which is the best location to enjoy the sunrise. As a best view point in Bromo, you can come at 03.00am to see the beautiful sunrise.

2. Mentigen Hill
Mentigen Hill - Blog Mas Hendra

Other interesting place to see the sunrise is Mentigen Hill. To get to the location, you can walk away from the lodging or hotel due to the distance is not to far. But this area can be reached only by the tourists who started climbing from Cemoro Lawang.

3. Savana Meadow
Savana Meadow In Bromo  - Blog Mas Hendra

Savana Meadow is located in Jemplang Valley or south-east from Bromo Mountain. The easiest way to reach tha location is using a motorcycle or small vehicle and through Lumajang Regency or Malang Regency.

4. Teletubies Hill
Teletubies Hill In Bromo - Blog Mas Hendra

Hei, you can find a similar hill just like in Teletubies' movie.

5. Whispered Sand
Whispered Sand In Bromo - Blog Mas Hendra

Why it call "The Whispered Sand"? Because when the wind is blowing, you can hear the sound, it just like someone is whispering you. The Whispered Sand can be found in Bromo only.

6. Madakaripura Waterfall
Madakaripura Waterfall In Bromo - Blog Mas Hendra

The waterfall located in Lumbang District, Probolinggo Regency. To reach the location, you can start your trip from Tongas by using motorcycle or car.

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If you interesting to explore and climb Bromo Mountain (and also other mountains), you need a special preparation, so that you can enjoy your trip very well.

1. Choose the Most Appropriate Time
Avoid to do your trip in rainy season, because the skies will be covered by cloud, so you can not enjoy the sunrise. Summer season is the best choice for you to do the trip.

2. Reserve For Your Stay
When you have a plan to visit Bromo in holiday season, better you reserve lodging or hotel due to the lodging or hotel usually high occupancy during holiday season.

3. Prepare Your Physic
Before you start your trip to climb the mountain, better prepare your physic in best condition. And also you need extra stamina to explore other places around Bromo.

4. Bring Your Complete Equipment
When you visit Bromo Mountain, prepare your equipment well such as jacket and trouser, gloves, scarf, hat, hiking shoes, glasses, mask and camera.

5. Prepare With Cash
Please prepare enough cash when you are doing the trip to Bromo.

6. Bring Your Own Tour Guide
Is this the first you visit Bromo? You better rent your tour guide or you can buy Bromo Mountain Tours Package, so that your trip will more safety, more comfort and efficient. 

Thank you for reading my blog and please enjoy your trip to Bromo Mountain. Happy holiday!

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