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The Wonderful of Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi, East Java

Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi, East Java - Blog Mas Hendra

In this article, i will share about a wonderful of Lider Waterfall that located in Sumber Arum Village, Songgon District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Nowadays, Banyuwangi has known by many people because it has the amazing of nature, such as mountain, beach and even waterfall. No wonder from days to days many people are coming and visiting Banyuwangi. And mostly visitors are feel very comfortable when they stay there. You know what? Because of the nature and also the culture of local people.

Lider Waterfall can be reached around 45 kilometers from the town. Not only far away from the town, this waterfall became the highest waterfall in Banyuwangi, which is has 60 meters height.

Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi, East Java - Blog Mas Hendra

The water comes directly from mountain's water spring. No wonder the water is very clear and cold. Actually, there are another four waterfalls but smaller than Lider Waterfall. The sounds from every single water dropped can make you feel completely relax.

Of course, this is kind of nature therapy that can give you amazing benefits. And this is the best place for you to release fatigue from the daily routine. Lider Waterfall is surrounded by flat cliffs and completely became exotic place in Banyuwangi.

Lider Waterfall in Banyuwangi, East Java - Blog Mas Hendra

This is not easy to reach the Lider Waterfall, you should get through a couple cliffs, cross the rivers and also get through the forest. But no need to worry, along the trip, you can enjoy the nature scenery. The forest also known monkeys and bugs. You need to pay IDR 3.000 per person to enjoy this beautiful place.

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👉 1. To enjoy this beautiful place, you should prepare your physic and also the vehicles in best condition.
👉 2. Wear shoes is the most effective solution to avoid small animals such as leech. Because the area is still very pure, no wonder you can see a lot of leeches everywhere.
👉 3. Bring the medicine such alcohol 70%, tobacco (to remove leech from your leg) and plaster. The plants are sometime make you feel itchy, especially Lateng. Please see the following picture :

Lateng Plant - Blog Mas Hendra

👉 4. Summer is the best time to visit this area, because the field that you past it not to slippery.
👉 5. Bring your own food and beverage, because you can not find any stalls or hops in the location. But make sure, do not forget to bring your own trash can. This simple way can make the area stay clean and also presentable.

Happy holiday!

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