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Traveling To Kota Tua

halaman depan museum fatahillah

Two months a go, we were went to Kota Tua (old town) on Sunday, October 12th 2014. That was the first time we went to Kota Tua.

In Jakarta, as we know, every Sunday was holding an event called car free day. The event is starting from 06.00 am until 12.00 pm. No vehicles are allowed to enter Sudirman Street until Medan Merdeka Street (Monas). That's why, I have to find another way to Kota Tua. But that was not a big problem for me, as long I could use my Google Maps on my Sony Xperia C. Yeah, as you know, I always use Google Map to find new route. Thank you Google. Back to my story......

Kota Tua or as known in English "Old Town", is one of the most popular place in Jakarta. Many people were coming to this place, especially on weekend, not only local visitors but many tourists were coming to this place as well.

Kota Tua has a History Museum (known as Fatahillah Museum), Puppet Museum, Indonesian Pos Office Museum, Ceramics Museum and many others. But Fatahillah Museum is the most popular one.
suasana di depan museum fatahillah
Fatahillah Museum

Indonesian post office museum in Kota Tua
Indonesian Post Office Museum
Kota Tua located in West Jakarta, beside the Kota Tua railway Station. Why Indonesian people said Kota Tua? Because it has a big historical story. It has a high historical value, such as the building's architecture and other things. 


No need to buy a ticket to entering the Kota Tua. But you have to pay for your car or motorcycle parking fee only. I parked my motorcycle at the corner of the street. That was really not a special place for motorcycle park. But I think that wasn't a big problem for me as long they kept my motorcycle well. You only need to pay IDR 2.000 for parking fee. For one time visit only.

The Puppet Museum

We were entering the Puppet Museum. It was really big place with a hundred Puppets collection from all over the world. And they have "Wayang Golek" as well. Wayang Golek is the most popular Puppet shows from West Java (Sunda).
wayang golek

puppet museum

puppet museum in Kota Tua

puppet museum in Kota Tua

puppet museum in Kota Tua

We have paid the tickets for only IDR 5.000 for each. But my son was no need to pay. I have no reason why was my son didn't pay for it.

kota tua

When you entered the building, you welcomed by two giants Wayang Golek standing beside the stairs. We were taking picture with the giant Puppet. 

giant puppet in puppet museum

We have walking around all of the building. My son really enjoyed with all the puppets although he feel tired. They had a small theatre as well for the Puppets Show. We have enjoyed the shows for only a couple minutes before we finished our touring. The Puppet Museum was a very nice place for your children's knowledge. I really recommended you to come to this place.
mini theater in puppet museum
Mini Theater in Puppet Museum

The Human Statue

Doraemon Man in Kota Tua

When we were finished taking around The Puppet Museum, we were taking picture with "Manusia Patung" or known in English "The Human Statue". They were costumed by an army clothes with green, white or black colours. And many clowns were standing in front of Fatahillah Museum as well. My son was interested to taking picture with Spongebob, one of the most favorite cartoon movies. If you want to take pictures with them, there is no special rate, you only need to pay voluntary.

Bicycle rental

many of bicycle for rent

In Kota Tua, many bicycles are provided for you to take around in Kota Tua area. They were available to accompany you when you were taking around. The price was different depending how far the distance you were taken.


Batavia Cafe

Do you feel hungry? Don't worry. There were many food court could be found in Kota Tua. You could enjoye your lunch in Cafe Batavia or Kopitiam Restaurant. Or you could try our Indonesian food, like gado-gado, bakso, kerak telor and many others.

The day comes more hotter. We have finished our touring in Kota Tua. My son was getting hungry. We have to find some food.

That was my traveling experience with my wife and my son. I will write more interesting stories on my next article. See you.....

Happy blogging.

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