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The Benefits of Avocado For Our Health

In the last fiew days ago, i bought an avocado juice near from my home. Actually i'd love to drink avocado juice because its contained with many nutrients and vitamins which is very good for our health. The price for one glass of juice is very cheap. Everyone can buy it. With the low price, you will get many benefits from one glass of avocado juice. Try it.

Now i will share what nutrient contained and the benefits of avocado for our health. Please enjoy my article.

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Picture source : healingthebody[dot]ca

Avocados are coming from Africa and Central of America. It has a Latin name called Persea Americana. Avokat or avokad have Engliah name called avocado. Avocado has  a very high nutrient content. Avocado at least contain with 11 vitamins and 14 minerals. Avocados are rich in protein, riboflavin (known as vitamin B2), niacin (known as vitamin B3), potassium and vitamin C.

The benefits of avocado for our health :

1. pregnant women

The avocado contained with folic acid which is very good for fetus. That's why avocado is high recommended for pregnant women who wants to keep fetus undergoing pregnancy. So, avocado has delicious and natural tasted.

2. good fat

Not to worry if you want to eat the avocado. It's contained with "good fat" which is helps you to keep your hearth healthy and also helps you to keep lower blood pressure. 

3. high vitamin E

The Avocado also contained with high vitamin E which is very good for aging problem.

4. high viber

The avocado contained with high viber to reduce cholesterol and make it on lower level, helps you to prevent stomach and keep your sugar on lower level.

5. more health and free pesticide

The avocado was growth with naturally and it has a thick skin, which is protected from pesticide. That's why avocado was included organics fruit.

6. good food for your brain

The avocado is one of the best food which is very good for your brain health. It can prevent you from the alzheimer risk.

7. good absorption for better nutrition

Eat one avocado can improve your absorbed carotenoids from the food five times. Carotenoids are contained with beta carotene and lycopene which is have a better nutrition for your health. 

8. helps prevent stroke risk

The avocado has a high folic acid to helps you prevent from stroke risk. People who ate contained food with high folic acid have lower stroke risk than people who never ate food with high folic acid.

9. reduce cholesterol risk

People who eat more avocados for one week can reduce cholesterol risk better, was proved by the study in present day. Because the avocado contained beta sitosterol.

10. keep your eyes stay healthy

Eat avocado can improve your lutein level which is protect you from eyes problem (cataract).

Hope it is useful...

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