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Thanks To Google Maps

On Monday (August, 04th 2014), I went to my friend's office in Pondok Pinang, he said the building is near by the Miftahul Al-Ittihad Mosque. One of the famous Mosque in Pondok Pinang Area. And he gave me the address of his office. But the problem is, I tried a different way to go to Pondok Pinang. Because of an important reason. I have never been through this way before.

I was little bit confused. Because the track is longer than i thought. I need extra time just to go to Pondok Pinang.

Suddenly, I remember one of the benefit of Google application. It is very important for me to helping me resolve the problem. Name is Google Maps. Its very helping me to find the way. I was really happy to use this application on my handphone. But of course, I still do contact with my friend to get there and using Google Maps as well.
If you want to use this application, the most important things are :
- you have to activate your data plan on your handphone
- signal must be good and strong enough
- your phone still have more power to operate it 

Meanwhile i use Google Maps on my handphone, i still do contact with my friend to asking the way to his office. But i still little bit confused. 

Then I asked the man who sold meatballs near the intersection.

"Excuse me sir, would you like to show me where the Miftahul Al-Ittihad Mosque is?" 

Because the Mosque is the most famous in that area.

He showed me the way with clearly. He said the Mosque is not to far from here. But, like I said before, I still do contact with my friend and use the Google Maps as well to help me find that way to my friend's office.

I drive my motorcylce slowly. I looked at arround the street to search the Mosque. And then... tarrraaaa... I saw the Mosque's tower. Then i drive more closer to the mosque. My friend's office building is only 100 metres from the Mosque. I drive it slowly to the right side from the Mosque.

One of the Google innovation. Google Maps
OK. This is it. I'm verry sure, this is my friends's office building. Finally i found it. \0/.... The building is not to big, thats why its little bit hard to find it. I saw my friend was waiting for me in front of the building. Thanks god. Finally...

I would like to say thank you to Google, which is gave us an easiness to find location using Google Maps. I really appreciate for what they have done for us.

Thank you for your best innovation....
- android
- youtube
- google plus
- google maps
- google translate
- google drive
- google mail

*Mohon maaf bila bahasa Inggris saya bener-bener belepotan, maklum baru masih sebatas belajar dan lagian saya juga bukan orang Inggris aseli.

Mungkin ada koreksi dari para pakar bahasa Inggris. Mangga atuh di share di komentar....

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